Who are we?

Being avid green smoothies enthusiasts and addicts, our goal is for everyone to enjoy the benefits of green & superfood smoothies. Having both worked in the corporate world in a previous life time, we know all too well how difficult it be can ensuring you’re eating nutritious, high quality food when you’re time poor and working long hours. Not only is our mission to enhance the well being of others, but to do so in an affordable, accessible and delicious way.

As Hypocrites once said “Let food be thy medicine”. We live by this 100% and believe in the power of natural wholefoods, daily greens, raw living fruits and vegetables… with a sprinkle of superfoods on top for good measure. We also believe that health and wellness isn’t just about the food you eat but how you activate your body, mind, and spirit. Optimal health and wellness isn’t an end point but a continuous journey and we hope to go along for the ride with you.


Jac’s love affair with fruit and veg started at the ripe old age of 1 when to her parent’s delight she decided that broccoli and peas were two of the only foods she would eat. Thanks to two health conscious parents, surrounding herself daily with fresh fruit and vegetables happens to be one of her favourite things to do (it is no wonder she has found herself blending them for a living!).

After spending 5 unforgettable years in a marketing team in the film industry, Jac couldn’t ignore the longing to fulfil a life long dream of start a business of her own. The more she thought about it, the simpler it became, combining her love for marketing and business with her passion for health was sure to be the next adventure.


Growing up, Luisa was a weird kid like Jackie who loved her veggies and was often found eating a salad. Though her true appreciation for nutrition, health and wellness is a more recent one. Not too long ago she found herself super burnt out – she wasn’t eating, sleeping, or feeling well and became interested in natural and holistic ways to feel better. It was then that her love affair with the nutritional and healing qualities of food began and green smoothies became a big part of this.

After a couple of years learning the ins and outs of making green smoothies, loads of experimenting and drinking hundreds of litres of green goodness (and lets be honest, some not so good!), Luisa just had to share her green smoothie love with others and has never looked back.

Luisa is studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Health Coach in between her blending sessions with Jackie.